May Newsletter

A brand new all singing and dancing Peepshow newsletter for May has just been mailed out, if you missed it check it out here.

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Culture Is...?

We were asked by advertising agency Fallon to create a series of short films to promote the new series of BBC's popular 'The Culture Show'. Popping up before and after TV shows right now.

Audio by Holkham


Indiana Jones & the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

Grab your Bullwhip & Fedora.....We were asked by MTV to make the competition trailer for the new 'Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' movie! All over the TV right at our new animation page:


Bupa 10k Run

Some of us are running the BUPA London 10k in a few weeks time in aid of Multiple Sclerosis. If you feel like being generous on this fine sunny day and sponsoring us it would be hugely appreciated. It's the first time some of us have run since school...ouch!



The Brighton Moment

Miles & Lucy have new work in 'The Illustrated Brighton Moment', edited by Susanna Jones & Lawrence Zeegen, published by Unmadeup on May 6th. Twenty-five writers and twenty-eight Illustrators including Ian Wright, George Hardie and Margaret Huber collaborated on the project sharing their vision and memories of the city.