New York Times

Recent editorial piece for New York Times.



HEL/LO - Let’s Talk

The Finnish Institute in collaboration with Blueprint magazine have organised a series of events called HEL/LO - Let’s Talk, bringing together British and Finnish architecture and design professionals for a lively exchange of ideas. I was invited to collaborate with London-based Finnish designer Emmi Salonen of Studio EMMI to create a customized stage/set of chairs for each event.Photos by Aleksi Niemelä


Best Piece of Advice Ever

I did some live drawing at the “Best Piece of Advice Ever” book launch. Illustrating advice live on the spot and drawing on a Galaxy tablet. You can see all the drawings from the night here. Thanks to SpecialMoves for making the technology work and to Creative Social for putting on the night.



Map of the Inner World

I made this Map of the Inner World for The House of Fairy Tales and it is available though TAG Fine Arts as part of a portfolio of fine art prints.


Vogue Japan

Every month for over a year now I have illustrated the 4 contents pages for Vogue Japan. A lovely job to do. Here are a selection from the past few months.


Afternoon Tea

Japanese company Afternoon Tea commissioned me again to make some surface patterns for a picnic range. The lovely boxes of samples arrived to coincide with the rather rainy spell that seems to have now finished. Let's picnic!



This one has been waiting in the wings for a while now, but here is a jute bag I designed that is currently on sale in Waitrose, promoting their corporate responsibility message.