The Weather Magazine - issue 9

Regular illustrations for The Weather magazine. This time Ellies article was the fight for a climate change to feature on the curriculum and a Pauls piece about diversity in meteorology, teaching and polymaths.


Pop Psychedelic & The Fundamentals of Illustration (2nd Edition)

My work is featured in Pop Psychedelic, a new book designed & edited by BigBros Workshop, 336 full colour pages, ISBN: 9780867197426. Available here.

I'm also featured in The Fundamentals of Illustration (2nd Edition), alongside Chrissie and Andrew's work. Published by AVA Publishing, 200 full colour pages, ISBN: 9782940411481


442 - Player X

So a year in and still on Player X for 442 Magazine. Here's the latest.


Shut Up Legs

To coincide with my new found cycle love I've produced a couple of T'shirts for Romster Bikewear.


A Liars Autobiography

We were one of 14 animations studios that directed sections of 'A Liar's Autobiography- The Untrue Story of Monty Python's Graham Chapman'.

A Liar's Autobiography will be released in the UK by Trinity early 2013. Premiering on EPIX and in select U.S. theatres in 3D on November 2, 2012.