Peepshow Collective's Museum of Objects & Origins

The Museum of Objects & Origins is a collection of artefacts including drawings, objects, prints, and costumes. Exhibiting items from an invented past, the collection is also a living, growing display as themed workshops create new works to fill the final few cabinets.

The museum's online archive will be updated daily at www.peepshow.org.uk/moo

'Pick Me Up - Contemporary Graphic Art Fair', March 22nd until April 1st 2012. Somerset House, Embankment Galleries, London, WC2R 1LA

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Heavy Pencil at Pick Me Up

Thursday 29th March Heavy Pencil at Pick Me Up

Pete Fowler, Jim Stoten, Nick White, Luke Best, Miles Donovan, Andrew Rae, Owen Gildersleeve, Chrissie Macdonald, Lauren Davies, Anna Lomax and Jess Bonham

6.30pm-9.30pm Entrance included in fair ticket £8 or multiple entry pass £12 or £6 concession.



Peepshow Weekend Workshops at Pick Me Up


Bare Bones

Saturday 24th March & Sunday 25th March, 12pm-6pm

Peepshow moved studios in 2010. During the move, a box was unearthed in a long forgotten corner of the old studio: in it, we found an unidentifiable set of bones.

Extensive research has failed to reveal the creature they came from.
These bones are not human, nor mammal. They don't belong to bird nor even dinosaur.

Can you help us piece the bones together to work out what creature it might be?

Aided by our team of amateur archaeologists, you can create a unique relief print to take away and begin your own museum.


The Peepshow Encyclopaedia of Things We Didn’t Know
With writer and artist Graham Rawle

Saturday 31st March & Sunday 1st April, 12pm-6pm

Did you know that emus can’t walk backwards or that Alfred Hitchcock didn’t have a belly button? We did. Did you know that Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise; that rabbits can’t vomit; or that Barry Manilow is an anagram of Library Woman? We knew all of those things too. Why don’t you tell us something we don’t already know?
In our quest to compile a comprehensive Encyclopedia of Things We Didn’t Know, Peepshow invites you to provide us with a fascinating fact to add to our archive. It can come from the world of science, history or nature––or it could be something personal: your father’s hat size, the opening hours of your local Costcutter, or what your Uncle Roy likes to spread on his toast. From the astounding to the trivial, all of the facts we collect will be gathered together in a giant Peepshow online encyclopaedia, providing a fountain of knowledge to delight and enthrall all of humanity.

At the I Did Not Know That! workshop, each participant will be provided with an exciting jamboree bag ‘kit’ containing everything he or she might need to create a special collage, drawing, written message or mini-sculpture. Each completed piece of artwork will be photographed for inclusion in the online archive and displayed during the workshop in an ever-expanding wall frieze of little-known facts. Your contribution can play a vital part in building this extraordinary archive; The Peepshow Encyclopaedia of Things We Didn’t Know. Take part today!

'Pick Me Up - Contemporary Graphic Art Fair', March 22rd until April 1st 2012. Somerset House, Embankment Galleries, London, WC2R 1LA

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Secret 7"

We are proud to be involved in Secret 7", a project which aims to rekindle some of the excitement for sleeve art in the digital era by exploring how a track would be interpreted by an array of brilliant artists.

In April The Idea Generation gallery in Shoreditch, London will exhibit around 700 unique seven-inch sleeves inspired by tracks from The Cure, Florence + The Machine, Bombay Bicycle Club, CSS, DJ Shadow, Noah & The Whale and Ben Howard. The exhibition has an added air of mystery as no-one will know who designed each sleeve, or which of the seven tracks is housed inside.

On the 21st April, Record Store Day, each of these true one-offs will go on sale – and only after purchase will the buyer find out whose creations they have bought. Every penny profited from the sale of these exclusive vinyl records is going to Teenage Cancer Trust.

The line-up of musicians have dug out their pens, pencils and paints to visualise their song within that 7"x 7" square; along with a crack team from the world of art, design and music.

Each host has also challenged creatives from across the world to submit a design through the Talenthouse platform. Thousands were submitted and whittled down to join the exhibition.

Finally those designs will be joined by a few from teenagers that the charity has helped.

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