BA High Life Magazine

A new series of illustrations for BA High Life Magazine accompanying an article on shopping in capital cities.


Food Fight

I did this Illustration for Waitrose Food magazine about the age old problems associated with men and their barbecues. If you think the barbecue in my illustration seems a little over the top a quick internet search shows that some guys out there really do get carried away ie. the barbecue side car... it actually exists!!


Trans-Siberian Revealed

The latest issue of travel & food magazine 'Swallow' is about to hit the shops! The 'Trans-Siberian' issue features a full-page illustration by me and a lovely comic book insert by Andrew Rae. More info soon, in the meantime check out a preview here.


Blisters Blackout Submissions Call

Print Club London have revealed details of their 3rd poster show at MC Motors in Dalston and are on the look out for submissions. The show is in December and will feature 40 Illustrators. 40 Editioned and hand signed prints. £40 each.

Click here for the brief and more details:



Creative Review

Elliot created these 'Dress Up Designers' for the latest issue (August) of Creative Review, The Summer Bumper Book O'Fun.


Recent Work

New York Times
A very quick turn around of 5 hours for this piece about the oil slick ability of people in Louisiana to carry on through a disaster.

FT Book Review
This top piece is a work in progress. Its a version that didn't get approved at the rough stage. I want to work it up anyway as its taking my work forward and away from a more straightforward construction of a narrative.

This version has less of a relation to the landscape description in the piece but is visually more interesting with the moon cut-out dominating.

Final piece to go for print. I was quite pleased with the final piece but it felt like something i have seen time and time again in my work, which can be a symptom of commissioned work, referencing of past projects. Hopefully the other version will offer something new and a bit more surprising

New Scientist
Really interesting piece about the use of medication with autistic children.
I have quite strong ( but probably misguided ) views on this which became apparent in my first couple of roughs. The final piece became more about the different options/ dilemmas of treatments and that the visually shape of the children didnt fit it to what we, as society, expect as normal behaviour. The parents want what is best but it is a confusing puzzle, maze of theories.


We Make

We were asked to assist photographer Stephen Lenthall in bringing to life an image he had created for Axon Publishing. We took apart his final image and re-built it again and again in simple stop-motion to create the sequence.