Wigtown Book Festival

I was recently commissioned to produce the cover for this years Wigtown Book festival brochure. The theme was focusing on the idea of Wigtown as a destination. People travel from near and far to be at the festival. Here is a mock up of the final open cover design.

These are various rough versions. At first I focused too much on my own colour palette with not another thought or research into Wigtown as a place. Overall these were way too 'tropical'.

Further roughs, addressing the colour ways but also started to look at the difference between the elements being quite fragnented in a flat space or more of a full landscape image.


New York Times

Recent Editorial for The New York Times. The article was about solace in the digital age.
Below is a rough sketch for the idea that wasn't used. It tackles the more negative aspect of the article showing a man instagramming a plant whilst his wive is giving birth


Plenty Super Strong

Recent work for Publicis in London. Plenty Super Strong billboard & banner illustrations for TV commercials.


Beer Tasting

The landlords step by step guide to running a beer tasting session.