Merry Christmas from Peepshow Collective

2010: A Christmas Odyssey from Peepshow Collective on Vimeo.

In between the mince pies and the mulled wine we have made this animated card just in time for Christmas. See you in 2011!


100 Years of Macmillan

I've produced an image for the 2011 - 100yrs of Macmillan calendar. They've used it on the cover as well. It's for a great cause and you can find out more info and purchase one here.


Jaguar Shoes Collective

Andrew has a poster in Jaguar Shoes Collective Poster Paper Issue One. Pick it up free at Jaguar Shoes or Noone in Shoreditch and other select venues.


It's Nice That

Chrissie Macdonald is interviewed in the 2010 review at It's Nice That.


You Tube

Recent commission now gracing the advertising hoardings and buses of Manchester (I think) illustrating with sets of icons, 9 different channel 4 and channel 5 programmes, now available on You Tube. A change is as good as a rest. Design by Steve Qua.


Philips//How to Be King

A series of animations we recently completed for DDB in Amsterdam have just gone live on the American Philips website. Myself, Elliot and Pete worked in collaboration with Wyld Stallyons on the instructional films.


New Editorial

Its been a busy couple of weeks on the editorial front. Commissions have included a piece about taxidermist Carl Akeley for the Washington Post. A series of images for Together Design for Safer Clinical Systems. An article about the exclusion of women from the boardroom for National Post, and a piece about the Dodd Frank reform on Wall St.


A Graphic Cosmology Out Now!

The latest Nobrow publication 'A Graphic Cosmology' featuring 'End' by Luke Best and 'Deity School' by Andrew Rae is now available to buy.


New prints from Spencer Wilson

New planographic letterpress prints from Spencer are available at Soma Gallery, just in time for Xmas.

'Space Cowboy'
3 Colour Letterpress planographic print on 300gsm somerset hot press printing paper
Edition of 40
190mm x 280mm
Signed and numbered

2 Colour Letterpress planographic print with watercolour on 300gsm somerset hot press printing paper
Edition of 40
190mm x 280mm
Signed and numbered


33 Revolutions Per Minute

I've illustrated the cover of a new book, '33 Revolutions Per Minute-A History of Protest Songs' by Dorian Lynskey, published by Faber & Faber. It's just popped up on Amazon to pre-order here and is available March 2011. The author is keeping a blog in preparation for the publication which is well worth a read, check it out here.


Peepshow Newsletter November 2010

The Peepshow Newsletter for November 2010 has just left Peepshow HQ, if you missed it check it out here:

Peepshow Newsletter November 2010

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EMB Viewpoint

One of four new illustrations for EMB Viewpoint Magazine, this one runs on the cover. Working with Morning Design once again.


Nintendo//Flipnote Monsters

Nintendo has teamed up with Andrew Rae for a Europe-wide competition for Flipnote Studio, the animation software for Nintendo DSi. Create a monster on Flipnote Studio and submit it by November 21st 2010. Once all entries have been submitted, Andrew will select four monsters and animate them in a knockout competition where the winner will take on Andrew’s monster, Bad Egg.

More info and details on how to enter: www.flipnotemonsters.com


The Peepshow Collective Shop

Head over to the peepshow shop for our range of laser cut decorations, greeting and xmas cards, prints and much more.



Trick Or Treat

A tad early, here's my Halloween image for this year.


A Graphic Cosmogony

'A Graphic Cosmogony' published by Nobrow is now available to pre order. To find out more and purchase a copy click here. Along with Andrew and I, there's a whole host of talented folk giving their take on the idea of creation. Heres the cover of the book and a couple of my pages.


It's Nice That

Luke was asked by It's Nice That to create the 'Contributors' Illustration for Issue Four. These included the likes of Adam Buxton, Adrian Shaughnessy and Micah Lidberg. It's Nice That - Issue 4 is available here.


My shed

My shed is up over at shed loads of ideas. A fun little way to pass some time.


Wired Magazine

New Illustration for Wired Magazine in the USA, this accompanies an article on successful comeback albums by Brian Wilson, Justin Timberlake, Raekwon, Roky Erickson and Sonic Youth.


Mens Health

New illustration in the current issue of Mens Health in the USA.


Elle Deco UK

Recent commission from Elle Deco for an article about the resurgence of larders and how to stock one. Well there you go.



You can now download two designs from me over at Poolga. Liven up your iPhone, iPod or iPad and the best bit... they're completely free.


Howies Exhibition

An exhibition in the howies Bristol store starts today. It includes the work of 12 contemporary illustrators, all of whom have been commissioned by howies, featuring original howies catalogue artwork and a selection of personal work. See what I made for the show here.


Kate Spade

Kate Spade, fashion, accessories and stationery company based in New York commissioned me before Christmas last year to produce illustrations for their 2011 wall calendar and desk diary. A very lovely job. And finally it has arrived on their website, although I'm not sure they ship to the UK. For a better look at the images have a look here.


Jenny Bowers@Art Dept

Jenny Bowers is the latest addition to Art Department in New York, joining Lucy Vigrass & myself.


Computer Arts

New Illustration in the current issue (180) of Computer Arts Magazine.



Ryanair time again, on this occasion Mr Robins is getting his timings knocked out of kilter. My advice... get there early and have a book with you.


'Wild Fantasies' A Decade of Don't Panic Posters

Andrew and Elliot's Don't Panic Posters feature in 'Wild Fantasies, A Decade of Don't Panic Posters' at StolenSpace Gallery.
More here.



Our work features in an article about 'Pick Me Up' in issue 100 of idN Magazine. More here.


Luke Jethro Best

Updates from Luke Best over at this website and peepshow portfolio page.


New Scientist

Recent series of illustrations for The New Scientist about how to increase your brain power through the use of yoga, chocolate, red wine, exercise and electrodes, I think I'll stick to the latter.


Save The Arts

This animation by David Shrigley is the first installment of work by a series of artists involved in Save The Arts, a project attempting to stop the government proposal of important art funding being slashed. Please take a minute to enjoy the animation and if you agree with the content, you can sign the petition here


wood, clay, cloth...

In the process of updating my website, but for now here are a few images from my recent exhibition Drawn Thread Work. More soon.


Peepshow Newsletter September 2010

The Peepshow Newsletter for September 2010 has just left Peepshow HQ, if you missed it check it out here:

Peepshow Newsletter September 2010

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V&A Friday Lates

Here's my new seasonal image in the series for the V&A Autumn programme of Friday Lates, created with photographer John Short. The image illustrates 3 themed events held in around the museum celebrating famous design duos, camera-less photography and open source design.


Today, somewhere south of the river...

Myself and Pete found ourselves in deepest, darkest Waterloo today bringing the work of Elliot Thoburn to life for the first time. We are collaborating with our good friends at Wyld Stallyons on a series of short films. More info soon.


House of Fairy Tales Passport

I created the illustrations for this passport designed by Sara Carneholm and including a cover texture by Gavin Turk. They were commissioned for The House of Fairy Tales established by Deborah Curtis and Gavin Turk which is a child-centred artist led project operating across a number of formats from workshops, publishing, advocacy and education packs, with the aim of making education inclusive, inventive and fun.. The passports were used at workshops and events around the country in which kids and adults could collect stamps and medals as reward for completing tasks.