New Editorial

Its been a busy couple of weeks on the editorial front. Commissions have included a piece about taxidermist Carl Akeley for the Washington Post. A series of images for Together Design for Safer Clinical Systems. An article about the exclusion of women from the boardroom for National Post, and a piece about the Dodd Frank reform on Wall St.


A Graphic Cosmology Out Now!

The latest Nobrow publication 'A Graphic Cosmology' featuring 'End' by Luke Best and 'Deity School' by Andrew Rae is now available to buy.


New prints from Spencer Wilson

New planographic letterpress prints from Spencer are available at Soma Gallery, just in time for Xmas.

'Space Cowboy'
3 Colour Letterpress planographic print on 300gsm somerset hot press printing paper
Edition of 40
190mm x 280mm
Signed and numbered

2 Colour Letterpress planographic print with watercolour on 300gsm somerset hot press printing paper
Edition of 40
190mm x 280mm
Signed and numbered


33 Revolutions Per Minute

I've illustrated the cover of a new book, '33 Revolutions Per Minute-A History of Protest Songs' by Dorian Lynskey, published by Faber & Faber. It's just popped up on Amazon to pre-order here and is available March 2011. The author is keeping a blog in preparation for the publication which is well worth a read, check it out here.


Peepshow Newsletter November 2010

The Peepshow Newsletter for November 2010 has just left Peepshow HQ, if you missed it check it out here:

Peepshow Newsletter November 2010

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EMB Viewpoint

One of four new illustrations for EMB Viewpoint Magazine, this one runs on the cover. Working with Morning Design once again.


Nintendo//Flipnote Monsters

Nintendo has teamed up with Andrew Rae for a Europe-wide competition for Flipnote Studio, the animation software for Nintendo DSi. Create a monster on Flipnote Studio and submit it by November 21st 2010. Once all entries have been submitted, Andrew will select four monsters and animate them in a knockout competition where the winner will take on Andrew’s monster, Bad Egg.

More info and details on how to enter: www.flipnotemonsters.com


The Peepshow Collective Shop

Head over to the peepshow shop for our range of laser cut decorations, greeting and xmas cards, prints and much more.