Creative Review

I illustrated the cover of the Jan 2014 issue of Creative Review, a Stories of the Year Special issue. In the shops now.


Skwigly Advent

Pete & Lucy created this animated gif for the 2013 advent calendar at Skwigly


New Scientist - Choco-not as we know it

Nice to be back on New Scientist drawing duties. This recent illustration was to illustrate an article where scientists where swapping the fat out of chocolate and replacing it with agar (the stuff used in petri dishes!) to create a healthier chocolate. Personally I'll stick the 70% dark and just eat less.


The Grand Kind Haiyan Print Auction

We are one of many illustrators and designers who have donated artworks to The Grand Kind Haiyan Print Auction organised by Grand Neue

Bid here, here & here

Grand Kind Haiyan Print Auction is a charity auction organised by Grand Neue that aims to raise funds for the Disaster Emergency Committee in support of their current relief efforts in the Philippines.


More Hummus?

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