Odd Stockings

For the Christmas Shop at 72 Rivington Street and as part of 'My Two Front Teeth', we contributed a goodie filled stocking alongside Riitta Ikonen, SCP, Donna Wilson and many others. Each is on offer for £35 with the proceeds going to a charity of the contributors choice. The shop is now open daily from 10AM.

'My Two Front Teeth' is a festive store which offers up a plethora of specially commissioned products, stockings and surprises by the likes of Jiggery Pokery, Dominic Wilcox, Mother, SHOWstudio, Fred Butler, Supermarket Sarah, KK Outlet, Valero Doval, Saskia Pomeroy, Alex Hulme among many others.


JDRF Animation Kit

Click here and make an animation from a kit of parts created by Luke Best and help raise awareness of Type 1 diabetes and the work JDRF do.
Concept by Mischief, website by  The Tin.


New Scientist

I've gone all high brow recently working for the New Scientist. Here's a couple of illustrations responding to articles about office psychology and the Peter Principle (essentially a piece about bosses being incompetent at the role).


Peepshop on Tour

A quick reminder that we will be at the Garudio Studiage Christmas Sale tomorrow. Your first chance to buy our new range of Xmas/Greeting Cards and laser cut decorations.

Saturday 28th November, The Crypt of St Pancras Church, Euston Road, London, NW1. 11am until 6pm.

Don't worry if you can't make it, we will have the new products on Peepshop next week, and again at the forthcoming Mangle Xmas Sale on Dec 12th.


New and old flyers

I've recently started designing flyers again, this is the latest one for the Inbetweeners's night at Shinjuku Wire in Tokyo. You can see a collection of my previous flyer designs in the book "Flying Graphics" published by Monsa last year.


Real Simple

Lucy created some drop in illustrations depicting the 12 Days of Christmas for Real Simple Magazine.


Checkland Kindleysides

A recent commission from the multi-talented Checkland Kindleysides. Eight illustrations and an animation, created with Pete, for the new Creative Knowledge section of their website.


Back in 5

Peepshop is currently closed for restocking but will reopen on Tuesday December 1st with bit of a re-jig and new stock including a range of cards and decorations.


Garudio Studiage Christmas Sale & Fantasy Zoo

We will be at the forthcoming Garudio Studiage Christmas Sale alongside Tatty Devine, Hannah Waldron, Karin Akesson and many more. More info here.

Saturday 28th November, The Crypt of St Pancras Church, Euston Road, London, NW1. 11am until 6pm.

Alongside the Christmas sale, Saturday is also the opening of Garudio Studiage's latest group exhibtion. We’ve all heard of fantasy football, now Peckham based art collective Garudio Studiage brings you a whole new concept … The Fantasy Zoo. Fantasy Zoo brings together 30 of our favorite artists and designers including Andrew Rae, Tatty Divine, Andy Forshaw, Hannah Waldron, Laura Gill. All participants receive an imaginary budget of £10,000 to ‘buy’ animals anywhere they can find them and create the zoo of their dreams in any way they choose. For more information about the Fantasy Zoo exhibition, click here.

Friday 27th November to Tuesday 1st December, The Crypt of St Pancras Church, Euston Road, London, NW1.


Coming soon...www.peepshow.org.uk

We are very excited to say we have received our new website back from designers Sennep. It's completely different to the last one and we all love it, they've done us proud! Sadly, you'll have to wait a while to see it as we've only just begun the mammoth task of loading all the content in. Launching early in the new year...www.peepshow.org.uk.


Xmas & Greeting Cards...Coming soon

Coming soon to a newly re-vamped 'Peepshop' and avaliable from the forthcoming Xmas Sales in London, a brand new set of Peepshow Christmas and Greeting Cards. 16 to choose from.


2022...there abouts

A new one from me for Construction Manager illustrating a futuristic journal...providing we survive 2012 that is.


Two zines

Two zines arrived from Scott Massey at Nohawk the other day with some of my work in them. RRR001, a collaborative book curated by Scott in response to Renewed-Reused-Recycled (RRR) and Earth Day. The other made for Roxy using Jeff Hornbaker's photographs, and elements collaged from Greg LaMarche, Andrew Holder and me. The collages were originally made to generate t-shirt designs for Roxy, but then turned into a little zine by Scott. You can see the whole thing here.


Midcentury Modern

Midcentury Modern
Sunday 15th November 2009
Dulwich College, SE21 7LD
Entrance £6
Early entry for trade 9am (£8)
Children under 14 free

Kate Gibb and General Pattern will be at Midcentury Modern this Sunday. More info here


Patrick Hruby

We have Patrick Hruby from the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA helping us out at Peepshow HQ over the next few weeks. Check out this lovely work here:



What is Illustration?

Our work is extensively featured in 'What is Illustration?' by Lawrence Zeegen, published by Rotovision. Available to buy on Amazon here.


DC Snowboards

Last year I designed this range of Snowboards for DC and now at long last they are on sale. The range features 5 boards that make one large image when stood together as a set and come with a sticker sheet of characters each so that you can customise the top sheet plus 1 board that already features all the characters.


TimeOut London

The fine folk at TimeOut London asked me to create this Fireworks cover for them which hit the news-stands this week.
Photography by Stephen Lenthall.


Questions, Questions

It's obviously THAT time of year. Our inboxes are getting inundated with questions for dissertations & essays once again. Unfortunately due to the high number of requests we are currently unable to get back to individuals. Please check out our very extensive FAQ's.

Peepshow Collective FAQ & Interviews


Andrew Rae Interview

An Interview with Andrew Rae over at Pejhy.



I recently completed this Illustration that is appearing on packaging for a new Qualcomm development device. Commissioned by the good folks at MiresBall in San Diego.