Peepshow projects that didn't happen (part six)

Part Six - E4 - Udderbelly (May 2008)

'In this film we see how E4 and Udderbelly bring some new comedy to Edinburgh.'

'The sinister Udderbelly factory makes a special type of milk and distributes it around the city, threatening and replacing the regular milk. The bottles march through the streets with a dark 'stomp stomp'. In the morning the unsuspecting people of Edinburgh innocently open their milk only to find it exploding in their faces. The funny milk gushes everywhere changing the people into laughing maniacs giggling atop milky foundations. Finally Edinburgh is reduced to a city erupting with laughter, hilarity and most importantly E4's creamy goodness. The screen is covered in milk which drips down to reveal the Udderbelly logo.'

Peepshow projects that didn't happen (part five)

Part Five - Jellyfish Pictures - Animal Families (October 2007)

We were asked by Jellyfish Pictures to come up with ideas for a title sequence to 'Animal Families'. They went down a live action route in the end.

'This brightly coloured title sequence illustrates various scenarios featuring animated animals and children doing similar activities. From a monkey swinging through the trees to a child on a swing, an elephant squirting water through it's trunk to a child with a hose, or a girl playing hide and seek with a chameleon. All the activities centre around oversize letters which are finally revealed as the title of the show.'


Peepshow projects that didn't happen (part four)

Part Four - BBC - Genius (July 2008)

BBC asked us to pitch ideas for the title sequence for the Dave Gorman presented TV show 'Genius'.


Peepshow projects that didn't happen (part three)

Part Three- British Gas adverts (May 2008)

'Hot & Cold' character designs for a potential British Gas TV advert.


Peepshow projects that didn't happen (part two)

Part Two- Red Bee Media - BBC Children In Need(August 2007)

We were asked by 'Red Bee Media' to pitch on the TV advert for BBC 'Children In Need 2007'. Here's what we came up with, a bizarre hand built charity machine featuring Terry Wogan in a bath of beans rollercoaster and Ronan Keating on a sky bike powering a boiler. Yeah, job didn't happen. The cast of Eastenders got it.


Peepshow projects that didn't happen (part one)

We spend quite a lot of time pitching on animation jobs, some of which happen (hurrah!) and some of which sadly don't (boo!), and we've built up quite an archive of unreleased projects over the years, it seems a shame people don't get to see them, so this is the first of a few posts revealing the things that could of been...

Part one - Microsoft Zune Arts - Mothers Day ( March 2008)

We were asked by '72&Sunny' to pitch ideas for a short film for Zune Arts on the subject of 'Mothers Day', our film was all about a mother who works tirelessly to help her son travel the world by building an enormous ship.


Lucy Vigrass Website Update

Lucy updates her website with lots of lovely new work:



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Chrissie was asked by production company Blink to create a series of stop frame animations that appear in the latest Ford Fiesta advert. Other artists involved include Dan Tobin Smith and Rachel Thomas.
See the animations here and here.

You can see the final advert directed by Noah Harris here.


Illustrative 08

Luke is exhibiting ten drawings at 'Illustrative 08', 17/10/08 - 26/10/08. Messehallen Zürich (Halle 9) Thurgauerstr. 11, 8050 Zürich-Oerlikon. Open daily from 11am – 8pm.


Andrew and Luke have contributed characters and levels to Sony Playstation's 'LittleBigPlanet', these can be played exclusively at the LittleBigPlanet pop up shop in London's Covent Garden between 10/10/08 - 17/11/08. Other artists involved include Trevor Jackson, Build and Yuko Kondo. Unit 1 & 23 Neals Yard, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9TY.


The Wizard Of Oz

Pete has been working on a lovely new trailer for Graham Rawle's new illustrated book 'The Wizard of Oz', in all good bookshops now. See it here


If You Could......

One of this month's 'If You Could...' prints is by Luke Best. 'Try Again' is a two colour silk screen print on 260gsm heavyweight paper is editioned, signed by the artist and only £40 + p&p.