Computer Arts

I'm interviewed in the latest issue of Computer Arts Magazine (Issue 133) for a regular feature 'My Career So Far', choosing eight pieces of work from the last ten years and discussing them. In the shops now.


Harpers Magazine

New From Luke Best for Harpers Magazine.


If You Could Collaborate

'If You Could Collaborate'
15th — 23rd January 2010, 12–6pm
(open late on 21 January, 12–9pm)
A Foundation Gallery at Rochelle School, London E2 7ES.


Chrissie Macdonald and Marie O’Connor are two friends with a healthy creative energy. Despite knowing and working near each other for many years, they’ve never had the opportunity to tackle a project together without restraints, so when we gave them the chance, we were expecting something pretty left field. We most certainly got it, with an army of figures made from scrap wood.

Below is a snippet of their interview from the If You Could Collaborate catalogue

Hello, can you tell us what you’ve produced for the show?
CM. We’ve created a series of figures made from salvaged wood and scrap material. Using off-cuts and pieces that have been predetermined to a certain extent by another’s hand, we see them as garments in wood, simultaneous costumes and props.

What were the biggest challenges you faced?
CM. For me the greatest challenge arose at the very beginning of the project. Decision making isn’t one of my strong points and the endless possibilities of working to an open brief were mind-boggling…
MO. The biggest challenge for me was probably in the initial stages where there seemed so many possibilities and directions that we could go in. Also, as a collaboration, I felt I had a responsibility to make sure that we both got what we wanted out of the project, not so much a challenge, but another position to put yourself in.

What’s your favourite collaboration of all time?
CM. Charles and Ray Eames’ endless body of beautiful, diverse, intuitive and playful work constantly amazes and inspires me. Although Ted Danson and Shelley Long are also a winning combination.
MO. All of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company collaborations are fascinating, but especially with Robert Rauschenberg, John Cage and Rei Kawakubo. And The Ballet Russes collaborations with various artists designing sets and costumes from 1909 – 1929 always get me going.

(Via 'It's Nice That')


A Decade of Illustration

Myself and Spencer are interviewed about Peepshow in the latest issue (132) of Computer Arts Projects. 'A Decade of Illustration' by Lawrence Zeegen also features Michael Gillette, Paul Burgess, Jim Stoten and Jasper Goodall. In the shops now. You can read the article here.


Teesside High School

Jenny produced the artwork for the Teesside High School prospectus with Wash Design. This animation was commissioned as an extension of that work. After interviewing and recording the kids at the school we created the animation around what they wanted to do when they left school - based around the strap-line 'Everything Is Possible'.


New Peepshow Website!

After a good six months of planning, we are very happy to say it's time for our new website. Huge thanks to Sennep for all the hard work. We hope you like it.



Heavy Pencil Christmas Special

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather and came out to the Heavy Pencil Christmas special at Catch. Despite the lack of heating a merry old time was had by all. Drawings were drawn, songs were sung and drinks were drunk. You can see some photos from the night here


New York Times

Is this the future of editorial illustration? Editorial animation? This animation was created for The New York Times 'The 9th Annual Year In Ideas'. Electric or hybrid cars are too quiet so they may have to be fitted with artificial car noise - this is probably what they will look like.
Read the article here.


Harvard Business

New editorial from Luke Best for Harvard Business Magazine.