Trick Or Treat

A little Halloween treat from my sketchbook.


Field Work

I will be showing a drawing and selling some goods at Field Work, a pop up shop, from 29th Oct-1st Nov. Click here for more info.


As Easy As...

Here's a typographic image, something I'm trying to do a little more of. Based on thoughts, soundbites and conversations I've heard whilst on the train home.


Spencer Wilson // New Website

I've scrapped the Sennep site which has served me very well over the years (a big thankyou to Matt and Hege) in favour of a streamlined portfolio site - spencerwilson.co.uk. You can also link to my new blogger page where I'll be including work in progress as well as experiments on a regular basis. Pop along when you get a chance.


Luke Best // New Website

Luke Best's website is back after a short hiatus. A space to display selections of both commissioned and personal work.



Peepshow Quarterly 1-3

We've just put the final copies of our Peepshow Quarterly for sale on Peepshop. These were originally sent out to clients and haven't been commercially available before. Hurry, only 10 sets available.

Produced in 2007/2008 in an edition of 500 and featuring exclusive work from all members of Peepshow. Each edition folds out to an A2 poster. Please note these don't come with the original silkscreened envelopes or added bonus material. Only available as set.

Available here £6 + £2 P&P


New Peepshow PDF Portfolio//Autumn 2009

Just finished and ready for your viewing pleasure. You can see our brand new portfolio of Illustration, Animation and Projects for Autumn 2009 below.

Peepshow Collective//Autumn 2009



So the good old slide projector has gone, bit of a revamp over at www.peepshow.org.uk in preparation for the new site. Just a holding page for now, but lots more to come in the coming months.


Made & Sold

Peepshow feature in a new book 'Made & Sold:Toys, T Shirts, Zines and Other Stuff', published by Laurence King. Written & designed by FL@33. Featuring work by Anthony Burrill, Mike Perry, Tom Gauld, Airside and many others.


Available here.


Peepshow Newsletter October 2009

Our latest newsletter has just left Peepshow HQ for inboxes everywhere!

If you missed it, you can see it here.

Subscribe here.


The Prince's Foundation

Lucy has once again teamed up with EMMI creating illustrations for a
'Catalyst Inspiring Arts Ideas for Teachers' campaign for The Prince's Foundation for Children & the Arts. EMMI is one of the Sappi, Ideas That Matter winners. The programme awards grants to graphic designers globally, enabling them to promote their chosen social, environmental or humanitarian causes.



Jenny has worked with the lovely team at Waitrose again this year on their Christmas product range. Illustrations can be seen on products ranging from cake tins to chocolate truffles. Believe it or not they are in the shops already.


Heavy Pencil Pack

Heavy Pencil Pack - A collection of great art and music in one box.
Heavy Pencil, the illustration and music workshops in the ICA bar, bring us a 7” by 7” sized pack (reminiscent of a 7” record) containing 12 beautiful postcards with original work from 12 of the best artists over the last year including a CD of music made by or linked to the artists. 

Artists include Anthony Burrill, Mimi Leung, Peepshow Collective artists Andrew Rae and Luke Best.  The 11 track CD includes a song from Domino signed Psapp, a quirky special from Jonny Trunk and Sunday Best’s Malcolm Goldie. 

£10.00 + P&P. Available here.


The Crown's Estate

Radley Yeldar commissioned Jenny to illustrate The Crown's Estate suite of annual reports for 2009. They can be viewed in pdf formats here. Seen above are illustrations featured in the main and Scottish report.


Whale Perfume

i was recently asked to be involved in a a project called 'the open daybook' which is a perpetual diary being curated by david earle. each artist creates a piece of work on a specific date. the project has a lot of great artists involved including chris johanson, miranda july, shoboshobo and lots more. the book should be published in 2010. i've been reading and researching a lot about whales recently so my day for this project was spent attempting to put some of that research into a practical piece of work. the image here isn't the actual piece for the diary (i'll post that nearer the publishing date) but is a result of what the project sparked. thanks to david earle for getting me involved.


Zoot Magazine

New work from Luke Best for Zoot Magazine accompanying 'The London Diary' by Ruby King.


Financial Times

New work in today's 'FT Weekend Magazine'. The cover and five illustrations inside.


Island Fold Zine

when i did my residency at Island Fold i collaborated on a quick series of drawings with the talented Luke Ramsey. a lot of work was made during my time there and i had forgotten about these drawings until now. seeing them take the form of a zine, lovingly put together by island fold, is a real pleasure and a reminder that distance from your work is a good thing. you can buy a copy on their site. while you're there i recommend looking around at their other publications. lots of great work by great artists and any purchase supports the generous spirit of island fold.


72 Rivington Street

We were kindly asked to present a reading list for the lending library at 72 Rivington Street, home of YCN. We headed down there for a very pleasant evening last night to present our choices. You can see what we picked and why we choose them below. If you want to take out any of the books or one of the other fantastic titles available, simply pop into the library and sign up for free.

'Gordon Matta Clark; works and collated writings' (chosen by Luke Best)

In times when the term 'street art' is used about work that has no real connection to the physical environment we live in and everyone is scrambling to get onto the property ladder it felt appropriate to look at the work of Gordon Matta-Clark. As well as being visually arresting his work deals with community, questions of space, its function and how we value it.

'The Craftsman' by Richard Sennett (chosen by Andrew Rae)

Anyone interested in a career in the arts will need to to work hard and take pride in what they do. This book looks at why people do just that.

'The Art of Looking Sideways' by Alan Fletcher (chosen by Andrew Rae)

Great book for flicking through every now and then, it's full of thoughts and ideas collected from a lifetime in design.

'Unfold/Enfold – An Art Book' by Kveta Pacovska (chosen by Marie O Connor)

The first time I picked this book up and opened the cover, it sprung open, back-flipped and fell on the floor. Highly embarrassing and exciting all at once. Because of it’s concertina folds, it works both forwards and backwards, and this duality, like the title, makes this book many different things. To me, it’s a live art object. It’s playful in it’s visual language but also in the approach it requires to look at it. The colour, drawing, tactility, production values and structure allow the reader to see new things each time they re-visit; new compositions through the die cuts, revealing more possibilities beneath the pop ups.

'Come Alive! The Spirited Art of Sister Corita' (chosen by Miles Donovan)

Sister Corita Kent. B.1918, was an artist and educator who taught for over thirty years at the Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles. One of the most unusual and innovative pop artists of the 1960s, revolutionizing graphic design and encouraging the creativity of thousands of people, all while living and practicing as a Catholic nun. She worked almost exclusively with silkscreening, helping to establish it as a fine art medium. Her artwork, with its vibrant, joyful messages of love and peace, was particularly popular during the social upheavals of the 1960s and 1970s. This book published by Four Corners in 2006 mainly covers the period of time when she was head of art at the college between 1964 and 1968, before leaving to devote her life to making art in Boston from 1968 until her death in 1986.