100 Minutes of Havana

'100 Minutes of Havana' will feature 10 acclaimed artists, including Ian Stevenson, Austin from NEW, Andy Forshaw, Peepshow's Andrew Rae, ALFA, Teck 1, Jimi Crayon, Mr K and Stika. Two teams of artists will come together to create a live 16ft high by 70ft wide mural in 100 Minutes, the brief being Cuba and Havana Club. The fusion of different styles and inspirations will ensure an interpretaion of Cuba that has never been seen before, reinforcing the vibrant energy and passion that Cuba is so well known for.
Once the 100 minute long battle is up, both sides will be judged by a Havana Club and Monorex representative as well as the crowd vote, which will be decided using a decibel reader.  The winning team will receive mixed cases of Havana Club and have their profiles displayed on the 100 Pieces online gallery together with the winning artwork.
Havana Club presents 100 Minutes of Havana @ Village Underground, Shoreditch, London, EC1
Wednesday 4th March – 7pm-11pm. Open to the public from 5th March - 8th March. Sponsored by Edding Pens.