Moonhead and The Music Machine

My debut Graphic Novel "Moonhead and the Music Machine" published by Nobrow is out now. "Meet Joey Moonhead. A normal kid in every way.  Except one… He has a moon for a head". You can see more and buy the book on the Nobrow site.

"The visual humor and ambiguity are just delightful." Cory Doctorow Boing Boing

"...with all the psychedelic colours, triumphing of the underdog and dream-like illustrations, the book, as well as the music machine, is truly magical." Emily Gosling Design Week

"An imaginative and visually poetic take on the stock American high school drama, Moonhead is a subtle blend between Wayne’s World and Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Andrew Rae’s graphic novel is enriching and powerfully illustrated." Nobrow

...and here's a short film about it: