10,000 Ways That Won't Work

Prototype-making workshop

For one day at the Paper Cut exhibition at The Proud Archivist, I challenged all budding inventors to create a prototype for an invention that doesn’t yet exist. What machine or device would improve the world, enhance your life, solve a problem or grant a wish?

A host of incredible prototypes were created including a Lost Toy Finder, an Aremac (reverse camera that turns photos into reality), two Money Making Machines, a mechanical Carrot Cut Machine and Happiness Button, the Time Stop device, a Tickling Machine (for burglars), the i-Fire-U splurge gun that seeks out its victims, The Cloud (time machine), a Mixella (device that combines two things into one) and a Party Robot (see above).

See more here.

Thanks to Nick White for all his amazing help and prototype technical know-how!